Guidelines for Academic Institutions, Colleges and Industries: Participation as Nodal Agencies in DPBH'23


The Dark Patterns Buster Hackathon (DPBH) 2023 presents a unique collaborative opportunity for academic institutions to be more than just participants — to be key drivers in this transformative initiative. By becoming a nodal agency, your institution can host critical stages of the hackathon, guiding bright minds in their quest to make e-commerce a transparent and fair domain.

Why Participate?

  • Leadership in Ethical Digital Practices:
    Demonstrate your institution's commitment to ethical standards in technology and business. Lead the way in highlighting the importance of consumer rights and transparent digital practices.
  • Fostering Innovation and Critical Thinking:
    Provide your students and faculty with a platform to tackle real-world issues, encouraging practical problem-solving, innovation, and critical thinking.
  • Showcasing Commitment to Societal Change:
    Stand at the intersection of technology and societal welfare. Show your dedication to initiatives that not only foster academic growth but also contribute to societal well-being.
  • Enhancing Institutional Visibility:
    Gain national recognition and visibility across premier institutions in India. Showcase your capabilities in nurturing talent and innovative solutions that can influence industry practices.

How to Participate?

  • Registration:
    Interested academic institutions, colleges are invited to register for their consideration to be the nodal agencies, for organising the Round – 2 of the hackathon, through the DPBH’23 official website. Complete the registration form providing necessary details about the institution, available facilities, and by nominating single-point-of-contact (SPOC) contact information.

    Industries can also register and associate with academic institutions and colleges to mentor and popularise various activities envisaged under DPBH’23 and promote solution development as supporters to the participating teams.
  • Hosting Responsibilities:
    As a nodal agency, your organisation will be responsible for organizing and conducting the second round of the hackathon. This involves coordinating with the main event organizers, ensuring compliance with hackathon rules, and providing necessary resources for greater participation of the teams and for the smooth execution of Round – 2 of DPBH’23. You will also form a jury for the evaluation of Round – 2 proposals and recommend a few best teams for participation in the Round – 3 of the DPBH’23, from your nodal centre.
  • Promotion and Engagement:
    Promote the event within your institution to encourage maximum participation. You may also allow other participanting teams from near-by colleges, which may not be nodal centres for organising round – 2 of DPBH’23.You may also organize workshops or informational seminars,to spread greater awareness and understanding of dark patterns and the objectives of the hackathon and motivate your students to come-up with better solutions to battle the detection and mitigation of dark patterns on e-commerce platforms and participate in this hackathon.
  • Feedback and Evaluation:
    Participate in the evaluation process by providing feedback on the event, the ideas presented, and the overall conduct of the round. You will also form a jury for the evaluation of Round – 2 proposals and recommend a few best teams for participation in the Round – 3 of the DPBH'23, from your nodal centre.Your insights are valuable in refining future editions of the hackathon.


-Joining DPBH'23 as a nodal agency is not just about hosting an event; it's about asserting your institution's position as a bastion of innovation, ethical practices, and societal change.
-Register immediately, before the closure of the registration window closes, for consideration of your institute/college.
-Let's work together towards creating a more transparent and user-friendly e-commerce ecosystem!